This Day in History

April 12 - April 18: Great Minds, Great Laughs, Great Mammals, Great Quakes


Though it can take years off a life
and affect the heart,
I can turn everything upside down while making it right.
I am deadly contagious;
Everyone wants to see me...

What is "it"? What am I?

For the answer to the above riddle and the tales of astronauts, sinking ships, midnight rides and many more history and educational resources, follow the link.

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What is TJEd


Every person has inner genius. Thomas Jefferson Education consists of helping each student discover, develop and polish his or her genius. This is the essence and very definition of great education.

There are really only three kinds of education, and they are best understood from the student's perspective. Students get a good education for one of three reasons:

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Oliver DeMille Columbus Ohio October 2011, LIFE Major

From moms and dads in the trenches to top leadership gurus, leaders and readers of all stripes are praising the works of Oliver DeMille.

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What People are Saying about TJEd


TJEd is a phenomenon that is going viral! The following are what moms, dads, and other notable individuals are saying about TJEd...

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This Week in History on our new full-featured site!

Guess what we did??

gossip canstockphoto8664721 August 2012 Inspire Newsletter

We invited 100 homeschoolers of every stripe to have a look at our This Week in History subscription, and we couldn’t be more tickled about their response! 100 out of 100 gave a very favorable review.

Here’s a sampling:

Nicole said:

“I just don’t know how this resource could be any better. It is so fun to get this e-mail each week and look at the plethora of suggested activities. And they are RELEVANT, which is exactly how I like to teach!!”

Hope said:

“Our whole family has enjoyed This Week in History from There are many beautiful photographs and illustrations that keep little (and big!) eyes engaged. The content has always been appropriate and inspiring...



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